To save you time, here are some links to other flash cards available for the Bar Exam.  We’re confident that Dominate The Bar is the best out there, and we encourage you to shop around and compare our product with the competitors on the market.  Click on the name of a competitor to go to their website and see for yourself!

AdaptiBar: AdaptiBar offers a set of 850 MBE flash cards.  Unlike Dominate The Bar, AdaptiBar’s flashcards can only be accessed online – with Dominate the Bar you can take your flash cards anywhere.  AdaptiBar charges $95 for the online-only flash cards, and online access to the flash cards is included as part of AdaptiBar’s $345 iPhone app.  AdaptiBar only posts one flash card as a preview, so you don’t know what you are getting until after you order.

A Better Flashcard:    Unlike Dominate The Bar, A Better Flashcard does not use fact patterns, but instead reads like a chopped up outline, asking the reader to complete sentences in order to state legal rules.   A Better Flashcard does not support an iPhone or Droid app.

Bar in a Flash:  Bar in a Flash offers a set of MBE flash cards that can either be accessed online or in a traditional paper & ink set.  The examples online show that Bar in a Flash takes the form of a chopped up outline, simply asking you to state a rule over and over.  On the other hand, Dominate The Bar provides you with black letter law questions and short fact patterns that apply the law in context, keeping you engaged in the material and providing you with a more robust understanding of the how the law is applied – which exactly what you will need to know to pass the bar exam.  Bar in a Flash is $150 for paper & ink, and $105 for online access.  Bar in a Flash does not support an iPhone or Droid app.

Law in a Flash: Law in a Flash offers an MBE flash card set with over 3000 flash cards for $299.  Weighing in at over 15 lbs for the paper & ink set, this is simply overkill.  With all the other studying you need to do for the Bar Exam, you’d be lucky to go through all the flash cards twice, let alone the numerous repetitions necessary to really memorize the material for the bar exam.  Dominate the Bar subjects are all under 200 cards, and each take about an hour to read through start to finish – it’s easy to do one or two subjects a day and really drill the black letter law into your memory.

Law Decks: Law Decks has a set of 800 flash cards for $145.  However, Law Decks really just provides a series of multiple choice questions on little pieces of paper.  Multiple choice questions may be a good way to test your knowledge, but they are not a helpful tool to memorize the law.   Moreover, Law Decks does not appear to have been updated since at least 2012, whereas Dominate The Bar has been updated current to 2013, and includes questions based on fact patterns from recent Supreme Court decisions.

PMBR:  PMBR sells a set of 509 flash cards for $98.   With only 500 flash cards, the PMBR flash card set simply does not cover the law as thoroughly as Dominate The Bar.


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